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To future proof your lifestyle

Take control of your home energy costs

Welcome to Sky High Energy Control, Sydney’s first independent cleantech energy consultancy. Our goal is to help households like yours secure affordable and more desirable home living by preparing you for energy independence.

We approach your energy cost saving needs with a holistic mindset - balancing how best to generate your own solar power, with how to become more energy efficient.

Desirable home living technologies

Following the adage, 'do it right, do it once', we don't promote price/performance energy products. Households with these systems will likely replace them in 5-7 years as solar performance fails to meet growing power needs. 


Our focus is to secure the lowest total cost of ownership over time with the greatest improvement to your property value. So we work with the highest performing and longest lasting brands. We also configure with an eye to the future, so you can seamlessly scale up as your home electric power needs expand.

Contact Sky High Energy Control to secure affordable and more desirable home living

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To live inside your Comfort Zone

High performance solar + battery storage

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Add value to your family home

An energy sustainable house adds 5-10% value to a property, according to reports from the Real Estate Institute of Australia and Wollongong University, 

How much extra value is added, depends on how much free lifestyle a home offers.

The more desirable a property, the more its worth to buyers.


To future proof your property value

Only the best will pass the test.


The free energy that underwrites your home lifestyle needs to be backed by top solar brands with long warranties.

The quality of a solar warranty is shorthand for the quality of the brand. 

A manufacturer backing its products with a comprehensive 25 year warranty, stamps its brand security.

The devil though is in the detail. Beware. Many manufacturers 'warranty wash' with diminishing, financial offset-only clauses.

Home: Features

About your energy
cost saving consultation

What to expect from one of NSW’s most experienced cleantech consultants

Use less energy

ø Review your power bills plus power use

ø Propose smart ways to use less power

ø Pinpoint inefficient electrical devices    

ø Profile energy saving alternatives

Generate + store your solar power

Configure best suited solution:

ø High performance solar panels

ø Smart hybrid inverter + battery

ø Off grid Blackout Protection

ø Set up to add EV charging

Secure revenue from unused solar

ø Design system to be compatible with Virtual Power Plant (VPP) & solar trading

ø New energy market overview

ø VPP program options

Sustainable energy
Watt's the buzz?


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